"when data is organized in a chart it is much easier to decide what the data is actually telling you."

That the susie uses her minutes more than she uses her text. 

how are you gonna stay in Gods word during the summer?

I plan on going to youth groups and church and also have a one on one time with God so i can  be closer to Him and stay in His word. I hope to go to a christian camp to work and learn so hopefully my plan works!


Today Chapel was about how spreading the word of God to generations. We have to share our belief and about God with our friends or our surrounding, to who ever we can. The flu shouldn’t spread faster than Gods word!!!


Your score is 7
Online learning may not be for you. The benefits of studying online might be outweighed by the difficulties you encounter. Some of the benefits are the ability to access your course materials at your convenience (at any time, from any place), to attend lectures multiple times if necessary, to have time to think and reflect before participating in class discussions, and many more. However, some of the difficulties you may encounter are that you must be extremely self-disciplined, somewhat technologically savvy, and communicate through writing without ever meeting your instructor or peers face to face.

1) None of them.
2) No…i dont think i can keep up, i need an instructor in a class for me to understand specific things. 


I dont think i’ve ever been bullied. But i have witnessed people bullying somebody else. That look on their face after they got bullied was so painful. You can see the pain and embarrassment on their face. I tried to defend them but no matter what i said or did they were already hurt so it was so hard for them to just ignore the pain. Bullying is a terrible thing to do and to be the victim of one i can only imagine its the worst thing ever. We should all love and respect eachother rather than bully eachother!



Life Online

Self-Paced Lesson Portfolio

missy zeleke of HOLT LUTHERAN SCHOOL

Notes: 1. Do you use social networking sites to stay connected to friends? Why or why not? 2. What do you like, or dislike, about the idea of having your own space on the Internet? 3. Do you think you use social media differently from how your friends or the people in the video use it? Explain your answer.

1. Yes i do. so that i can stay in touch with my friends an family far away. 2. its kinda cool to have somethin to express yourself with. 3. sometimes. they use it to post pictures n talk with friends only i sometimes share my believe on it.

Notes: 1. How much time per day do you connect to friends through technology? 2. Do you think your friends and other teens spend more time or less time online than you do? 3. Would you spend more time connected if school or your parents allowed it? Doing what? 4. Do you ever feel that you’re missing out on doing other things because you’re spending so much time connected? Explain.

1. i dont really know. once a day mostly on the internet, but by text alot. 2. i dont think so. 3. nope. i still manage to have time for everything else.

Notes: 1. Have you ever posted something online that you later regretted? 2. Are there things you might say or do online that you probably wouldn’t say or do in person? Explain. 3. Why do you think people sometimes behave differently online than they do in person? What effect do you think this might have on relationships?

1. not that i remember. 2. nope. 3. maybe cuz they’re scared and they get to hide behind their screen….or in some cases they might have a hard time bein themselves in person.

Notes: 1. Do you communicate differently online than you do in person? Explain. 2. Do you feel that you can be more “yourself” online? Explain why or why not. 3. Do you have friends online that you don’t spend much time with in face-to-face relationships? If so, how are these relationships different from “offline” friendships?

1. sometimes. 2. nope im myself both ways. 3. yes i do. they are not as close as offline relationships.

Notes: 1. What do you think Ryan’s fellow students might have done if they had known that his bullying might lead to his suicide? 2. What do you think you would do if you observed someone being bullied or manipulated online? Would your reaction be different if you observed the same thing in person? Explain.

1. hopefully they wouldve never bullied him. 2. ill help if its some1 who cant handle the situations by themselves

My answers to Drawing Your Own Line.

Okay For MeNot Okay For MeUsing my full name in my profilePosting my email address or phone number in my profileUpdating my status when I’m happyPosting my birth date in my profilePosting pictures of myselfUpdating my status when I’m sad or angryPosting pictures of my friends or familyComplaining about a particular subject or teacherSharing music with friendsComplaining about schoolSpending up to two hours per day onlinePosting negative comments about a friend or classmateFlirtingPosting revealing pictures of myselfsharing my belief posting versusPosting embarrassing pictures of people I don’t like Posting embarrassing pictures of my friends or family Spending more than four hours per day online Swearing Pretending to be someone other than myself Revealing private things about myself to someone I’ve never met Posting lies about someone else Making threatening statements directed at someone else Discussing drug or alcohol use
questions about the bible

Does God hear the prayers of unbelievers?
Can Satan read our minds? 

Mr.Burks homework

I disagree with this statement because as a Christian we are suppose to live what we preach. because if we don’t then that is being a hypocrite. When you are a christian you have to resemble Jesus Christ with your life and be an example. if you go to church on sundays be “holy” for that 2 hours and monday through saturday just be doing what ever you want.