This song reminds me of how God is always there for me when ever i call him. He always watches over me and takes care of me. Doesnt let no harm come to me and whenver i feel like im down He is always right there picking me up.

step 4 information literacy

the Dog Island
* didnt have an authors name on it or any credntials 
* it cant be verified on other sources.
* Its not really reliable but it could possibly be true


In life there are going to be tough times that we are gonna fall. It will seem like its hard to get back up but we gotta be strong and rise because we gotta fight. Going through death of a family member is not easy. It hurts inside and everyday you think about it you miss that one person more and more. But we gotta look past the fact they are not here but be thankful for the fact that there in a better place with our Father. Complaining about them being gone isnt going to bring them back so we have to learn to move on. when my Grandpa died i was hurt for so long cuz he died when i was here and i havent seen him for the past 3 years. I didnt get to say my goodbye. All i could think about was how i never got to talk to him as much as i wanted to and get to know him alot better than i did but i never got the chance. It was one of the worst months of my life. But i realized that he was in a better place and that i will see him again one day and that kept me comforted; that helped me rise again and be strong!!


1. List 4 major search engines and a major directory.
-Google, Bing, Goodsearch, Yahoo search 

2. What is a blog?
-is an individuals point of view or opinion about a topic. 

3. Why might you use quotation marks when conducting a search?
 - to search for the direct thing you are looking for.

4. URL is an acronym for…
- Universal Resource Locator 

5. Identify three Boolean search terms.
-and, or, Not… 

6. How do you find the owner or publisher of a Web site?
-scroll to the bottom of the page. 

7. Identify these extensions and what they represent:

.org: organization     .com: Community

.sch: school      .k12: kindergarten to 12 grade

.edu: education     .gov: government

.ac: air conditioning      .net: network

.mil: million     .co: comany

8. How do you find out who is linked to your school’s Web site?
-  Look around home screen and see if there are links linked to the links. 

9. What clues in a Web address might indicate you are on a personal Web site?
-Most personal website include words like “users” “members” and will frequently use the sign “~” 

10. How would you conduct a search for the following: a list of Web sites of all the academic institutions in South Africa? (Hint: South Africa’s country code is .za)

11. How do you find the history of any given Web site?
-you look it up 

12. How would you conduct a search for the following: US higher education Web sites that contain the word turtle?
- You look it up 

13. How do sites get to the top of a result list in Google?
-  because they are the top answers

This song is an example of Meter, because of the rhythm of the song.


the style of this song is rap

the style of this song is pop… and sounds like a chest voice

Another example of chest voice

This is an example of a chest voice